The Monastery Shop

     QUARR ABBEY MONASTERY SHOP offers a very wide range of goods.  There is a large selection of greeting cards and postcards; there are many items of a devotional nature, such as rosaries, crucifixes, candles and prayer cards; CDs, including recordings of the monks singing in the church; souvenirs such as bookmarks, key rings, pens and notebooks, and – above all – books. These offer reading of great range and depth and are selected to suit all sorts of readers. There is a very fine choice of children’s books, including Bible and prayer books; there are many books on the monastic tradition and many spiritual classics; all aspects of Christian spirituality are covered; Papal writings abound; lives of saints are abundant; all sorts of Bibles are offered; many aids to Bible study can be found; prayer books and guides to prayer and contemplation fill the shelves; explanations of the sacraments and catechetical writings are available; there are theological books, and books for serious seekers; there are studies of Church history; the Catholic Truth Society’s publications are very well represented as are Plough Books; there are books to console the grieving; there are pilgrimage guides and guides to the abbey, books by local authors, books about Pope Francis and second-hand books. These are simply some of the more obvious categories of books stocked: all sorts of other treasures can be found by those who come to look.

     The shop is staffed by volunteers who work closely with the monastic community. All profits from the Monastery Shop go to the Abbey.

     To contact us please email or telephone 01983 898602. We will be pleased to advise you on what is available and are also always wanting to hear from anyone who may be willing and able to help with service to keep this remarkable resource available for our visitors, guests and the local community.