Bookbinding as a craft has been practised in monasteries from earliest times and many of the techniques used were developed in monastic workshops.The Bindery at Quarr Abbey therefore is the inheritor of a long and proud tradition of monastic craftsmanship. There has been a Bookbindery at Quarr almost since the foundation of the present Abbey in 1907. For most of its history its main purpose was to look after the Abbey’s extensive library but in the last fifteen years the Bindery has expanded and now seeks to put the skill of the binders at the service of the local community and to be one of the means by which the community seeks to support itself.  
Quarr Abbey Bindery is a traditional craft bindery where, as far as possible, everything is done by hand, according to traditional methods and every attempt is made to find the most appropriate and highest quality materials for each commission.

While we will consider any job offered to us, we are especially interested in the repair and restoration of old books.

We are very happy to discuss work in leather or in cloth, either complete rebinds or repairs. We can also make albums and books from scratch to clients’ specifications.

Any enquires should be addressed to Father Nicholas Spencer at the Bindery