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The Gallery is closed to the public on Wednesdays when access is permitted to exhibitors from 12.30pm on the first Wednesday for hanging and up to 12.00 noon on the last Wednesday for removing art work.

The Gallery is let of a weekly basis from Wednesday to Wednesday to Island based artists for a fee of £180.00 per week plus 10% commission on sales from January 2018.

If you require any further information please contact Sarah Kurtul ( email or Freya Conway email or Anne Axford email who are all Art at the Abbey volunteers. 

Brother Duncan Smith (email is in charge of the Gallery.

Booking will open on Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Please email to request dates for your exhibition.  Only applications sent ON or after this date will be considered.  Please put your telephone number on the email.
All exhibitiors must have minimum a public liability insurance indemnity of £5,000,000 either as a sole artist or as a group at the time of the exhibition.
Individual artists are limited to no more thank two weeks in a year at Quarr Abbey Gallery, either showing alone or with one other artist.  In addition, they may also show within groups. (Groups are defined as three or more artists).  Groups are limited to no more than two weeks in a year also.
We would like to encourage new Island artists and so we will reserve two weeks, one in March and one in October.  If you have not exhibited at Quarr Abbey Gallery before, please apply as a new artist.
The cost per week for 2020 will be £180.00 plus 10% commission on all sales.

 We look forward to hearing from you.



This week at the Gallery:

 The Gallery is now closed until 1st March.



 The dates shown below are Thursdays to Tuesdays when exhibitions are open to visitors.



Exhibitions booked 2018

Booking fee £180 per week plus 10% commission on sales


1 March to 6 March - Inspired Wight   

8 March to 13 March  - Sophia Flowers 

15 March to 20 March   - Isle of Wight Art Club       

22 March to 27 March    -    Br Duncan Smith

29 March to  10 April   -    TRAC    

The gallery is closed on Good Friday 30 March

12 April to 17 April    - Lucia Para & Rosanna Pancot

19 April to 24 April  -  5 Bells Art Group 

26 April to 1 May         Toft Porcelain        

 3 May to 8 May        Crafty  Artists          

10 May to 15 May      Anne Axford         

17 May to 22 May       Rachel Andrews         

24 May to 29 May      Andrew Dowden and Jeanne Mills-Holland        

31 May to 5 June        Lyndy Moles       

7 June to 12 June        Anna Fauzy-Ackroyd     

14 June to 19 June     Toft Porcelain           

21 June to 3 July       Pat Clarke

5 July to 10 July        Andrew Dowden   

12 July to  17 July     Sam Kurtul photography

19 July to 24 July      J C Beasley             

26 July to 31 July      Contemporary Artists 

 2 August to 7 August        Fishbourne Art group      

9 August  to 14 August      Ventnor Botanical Artists   

16 August to 21 August          Jeanne Mills-Holland   

23 August to 28 August           Toft Porcelain       

30 August to 4 September      iOW Art Club   

6  September to 11 September    J C Beasley     

13 September to 18 September        Andrew Dowden   

20 September to 25 September        Angela Sowden    

27 September to 2 October         Crafty Artists 

4 October to 9 October               Br Duncan Smith

11 October to 16 October            Peter Allen      

18 October to 23 October           Charlotte Hodge Thomas      

25 October to 30 October          Kaleidoscope                                                                                                                                                                                       1 November  to 6 Novemeber   -  Dee Cook  

7 November to 14 November          Zara Linington

15 November to 20 November     -   Talking Threads

22 November to 27 November        Toft Porcelain  

29 November to 4 December          Martin Swan and others 

6 December to 11 December      TRAC AT CHRISTMAS    

13 December to 18 December     Charlotte Hodge Thomas                  

 20 December to 23 December   Brian Marriott        


Exhibitions Booked 2019 -

28th February - 5th March - Murray Ince

7th March - 12th March -  Brother Duncan Smith

14th March - 19th March - Ken Prust

21st March - 26th March - Ventnor Botanical Artsists

28th March - 2nd April - TRAC

4th April - 9th April - Isle of Wight Art Club

11th April - 16th April - Viv Garrett

18th April - 23rd April - JO-Maker 

The Gallery is closed Good Friday - 19th April

25th April - 30th April - Charlotte Hodge Thomas

2nd May - 7th May - Island Sophia Flowers

9 May - 14 May - Clare Louise Sandell

16th May - 21st May - Crafty Artists

23rd May - 28th May - Andrew Dowden & Jeanne Mills Holland

30th May - 4th June - Galina Zastava

6th June - 11th June - Yvonne Rissone

13th June - 18th June - Anne Axford

20th June - 25th June - Tim England & Lis Toft

27th June - 9th July - Pat Clarke

11th July  - 16th July Andrew Dowden

18th July - 23rd July Sam Kurtul

25th July - 30th July - Contemporary Crafts

1st August - 6th August - Christian Beesley

8th August - 13th August - Freya Conway

15th August - 20thy August - Charlotte Hodge Thomas

22nd August - 3rd September - Toft Porcelain

5th September - 10th September - Andrew Dowden

12th September - 17th September - Maria Morris

19th September - 24th September - Crafty Artists

26th September - 1st October - Angela Sowden

3rd October - 8th October - Brother Duncan Smith

10th October - 15th October - Christian Beesley

17th October - 22nd October - Brading Breakaways

24th October - 29th October - Isle of Wight Art Club

31st October - 5th November - Jeanne Mills Holland

7th Novemeber - 19th November - Murray Ince

21st November - 26th November - Fishbourne Arts Group

28th November - 3rd December - TRAC

5th December - 10th December - Christmas Crafts

12th December - 17th December - Brian Marriott

































































  Liz Toft Porcelain March

The Gallery is now closed until 1st March