Volunteering at the Abbey

With almost 200 acres of land and over 100,000 square feet of historic property, the management and maintenance of Quarr Abbey is a huge task.  The monastic community continue to maintain the traditional pattern of prayer, reading and work, but with only a small number of monks, the abbey relies on a dedicated workforce of unpaid volunteers to cover many aspects of the workload.

Quarr Abbey is a registered charity, and is always interested in meeting individuals or organisations that can take on tasks and full responsibility for various activities. The following are examples of organisations involved in supporting the Volunteer Programme:

Hampton Trust – Charity organisation helping to reconnect youth to the working environment
Isle of Wight College – Quarr supports the students of the college through facilitating land management projects
Green Gym – a charity organisation whose members work on garden and land management
Isle of Wight Volunteer Organisation – who help to place volunteers from all sectors across the island
Fishbourne Parish Council – who actively support Quarr Abbey in identifying relevant programmes for the local community

We are also always looking for individuals that can help in the various commercial elements of the Abbey such as:

Teashop assistants                              
Monastery Shop assistants
… and many more