Welcome to Quarr Abbey



Dear Visitor,
Dear Friend of the Abbey,


As you browse through the pages of this website, you will meet with:

-          A community of men who give their lives to searching for God in prayer and work.

-          A site of outstanding beauty between countryside and seaside.

-          The heritage of nearly 9 centuries of monastic presence since the foundation in 1132 of a house

           of prayer in this place.

-          The unique architecture of the buildings of the new church and monastery built in 1907 for the

            French Benedictine monks of Solesmes exiled on the Island.

-          The accommodation facilities of our guest-house for people wishing to have a time of spiritual retreat.

-          The opportunities for those who want to share in the spiritual life of the community by attending the

           offices, offering a mass, asking for prayers, meeting with a priest or a monk, considering a monastic

           vocation or becoming an oblate.

-          A whole range of activities for visitors and volunteers including the visitor-centre and monastery shop,

            the art gallery, the tea-shop and farm-shop, the tours of the abbey, the woodland walk, the allotments,

            the hens, the pigs, and the apiary. 

-          The possibility to express your support by joining the ‘Friends of Quarr’ or making a donation to the Abbey.


All these things – and many other you will discover by yourself– are part of the rich reality of Quarr and contribute to make it a very special place, both lively and peaceful.


We wish you a pleasant discovery of our Abbey and a new encounter with the loving God without whom this place would not exist as it is.


With all the Brethren, I look forward to welcoming you soon at Quarr Abbey.


fr Xavier Perrin, prior administrator